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Friday 21-06-2019 - 09:07

Well, what a year!

We are now coming to the end of the second year of Furness College Students' Union and so we are today publishing our Impact Report 2018-19. It has been a year full of ups and downs. We know that we have a long way to go in the future but we are really so proud of everything we have achieved this year.

From the 1,500 of you that have bought tickets to our socials, to the hundreds of girls that have accessed free sanitary products. From all of those that we've had a chat about our mental health with to the ones that we stood on the streets with to oppose fascism. From the hundreds raised for charities across the nation to all the money we've saved with our local brand TOTUM partners. It has been a blast!

The Students' Union is only as good as the students it represents and all of your Executive Officers wish to say a sincere thank you for being an excellent membership. We also owe thanks to all of the staff at Furness College who have given us their time, the Red Box Project for supplying our sanitary products, the Lounge and Cloud Nine for hosting our events, all of the team at OneVoice, the Barrow BID, the NUS... the list goes on! 

Reflecting on a busy year, our Officers left their thoughts in a book of memories. Lewis Kelly (Disabled Students' Officer) said 'I'd like to say thank you for all of the support. I am so proud for everyone.' Dianne Palabay (BAME Students' Officer) said 'it has been so fun being involved in the activities that come with being a student officer. It is so important for young voices to be heard in this day and age.' Union President, Abby Blakeborough, said that 'it has been a privilege being a part of the Union, it is truly something I will never forget.' 

Looking to the future, Chris Bradbury (Education Officer) said to the next Officers-elect 'I wish you all the best in carrying on the legacy in years to come helping to make student life better!' Dianne Palabay urged Officers to 'make the most of the year to come'. 

Founding President and the first Student Liaison Officer postholder, Callum Slater, closed with this message: 'Student life is as tough as ever. Funding is tight, courses are harder, social media is stronger and divisions are wider: but there's something special about Barrovians. We endure. Your time as a student is short and student life really can be whatever you wish it to be. So, don't waste your time, think big, be ambitious, be outspoken and show that we really do give a -!   

On behalf of Furness College Students' Union we would like to wish Abby, Chris, Liam, Harry, Rachel, Dianne, Lydia, Megan, Caitlan, Lewis, Gabby and Tom all of the very best for the future and we hope that they continue to speak passionately about their work. 

Henri Trigo, Anna Marie-Collins, Natalie Irwin, Yingjie Jiang, Jasmine Gill, Sharon Dale, Lucy Jackson and Sarah Brown will commence their first term in office as Executive Officers from the 1st July 2019. 

You can read the Students' Union's Impact Report 2018-19 in full here


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