Diversity UK

Diversity UK is a think tank to research, advocate and promote ideas for improving diversity and inclusion in Britain. It is a not-for-profit organisation that works with a wide range of partners, bodies and key opinions to engage in a healthy debate about issues of age, race, gender, sexual orientation and disability discrimination. 



ROTA is a social policy research organisation that focuses on issues impacting on black, asian and minority ethinic (BAME) cummunities. Their policy priorities are, among other things, health and education. As a BAME-led organisation, all ROTA's work is based on the principle that those with direct experience of inequality should be central to solutions to address it. Their work is actively informed by the lived experiences of BAME communities and their organisations. 


Creative Access

Creative Access is one of the UK's leading diversity organisations. It fills a gap in the current creative landscape by helping young people from under-reperesented communities (including BAME backgrounds, as well as those with a lower socioeconomic or lower SES status) to secure both jobs and paid training opportunities in creative companies. 


Access UK

Access UK is a charitable organistation that was founded in 2014 as a voice for the million or more youths who are currently unemployed in the UK, particularly BAME NEETs (Not in Employment, Education or Training). Their main objective is to help reduce BAME youth unemployment, provide employment and training solutions for youth offenders, and implement anti-gang initiative in the community.