Here at Furness College Students’ Union, safety is one of our top priorities. We are working closely with the college and the relevant authorities to ensure that all students are supported academically and pastorally during this difficult time. Although all of our work is now remote, we are keen to support our students where possible, and a number of key campaigns are being run as we speak. If you have any ideas on how your student experience can be improved then please get in touch via

The main advice we can give is to listen to the Government and the NHS. You can do this by staying inside at all times, bar your one type of physical exercise outside of the home per day, or if you have animals and livestock. You can also make sure you wash your hands at regular intervals, and if you do have to go outside, perhaps to go to the shop to get some essential items, that you follow the rules the shops are giving and maintain a social distance of at least 2 metres (5 feet) away from everyone else. As well as this, you can't meet up with anyone who isn't in your household. More details on these measures can be found here

These measures have been put in place not only to prevent the spread of the virus to vulnerable people, but also to relieve the stress on the NHS. Cumbria has a higher infection rate than Manchester, so right now we all need to do our part in making sure that our local NHS can cope with the patients they are recieving because of the COVID-19 pandemic, as well as any other existing patients they have. 

If you're confused about what this means for your college life and education, please check the college statement by following this link. The statement will be kept up to date by college mangement through the course of the COVID-19 pandemic.

These are very troubling times for everyone, so our welfare officer Sarah Brown has found some excellent places to find help should you need it: