Students' union seeks local business partnerships

Thursday 07-02-2019 - 15:41
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TOTUM is a new and vibrant national student discount provider and Furness College Students’ Union are looking for local brand partners to pull a massive and exciting market of 16-25 year olds back into the local area by offering a range of independent, exclusive discounts and offers.


Furness College has over 3,000 students studying full or part-time courses and many of those students use the TOTUM card to make decisions on where they spend their money in and around the local area. Why not make the most of this by showcasing your discount and your brand to Furness College’s student population by joining our TOTUM local brand partner scheme?


Students are a vital and yet often neglected market for local business: they are experimental and yet fiercely loyal to the brands they know, they are low earners with high levels of disposable income and they’re the first to try new products and services. Offering an exclusive student discount could bring more business to you, with a reach of over 3,000 students locally and a further 7 million nationwide, our scheme will ensure that students are aware of your brand and the discount you offer.


TOTUM’s slogan is ‘Go further!’, instead we want our students to ‘Go local!’ and have their money ‘go further’.


Business benefits for making discounts exclusive to TOTUM:


- A presence on the Furness College Students’ Union website.

- Your brand and discount offered listed on our media screens throughout the College as well as on a range of printed materials

- Complementary TOTUM welcome pack including window sticker (when available)

- Featured space in the TOTUM app for branded content.

- And much more...


To qualify you need to ensure that you only provide the offer or discount to those who present you with a valid TOTUM/NUS Extra card. If you provide your offer/discounts without seeing a valid card we will have to remove you from our scheme and all of your marketing content in the College will be removed.


Interested? To sign up, just go to today and fill out our easy local brand partner onboarding form. For more information, please email 

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