Barrow students join protests against fascism

Friday 10-05-2019 - 10:11
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Furness College Students' Union has joined forces with Unite Against Fascism and Barrow Trades Union Council to protest the arrival of far-right activist, Tommy Robinson in Barrow. 

Our Union is proud of its diversity of opinion and we facilitate a range of opportunities for members to debate on the issues that matter to them. Our membership is made of views from all parts of the political spectrum and we are clear in our non-partisanship. 

However, "with great power comes great responsibility" (thanks Uncle Ben) and the same must apply to the power for freedom of expression. We must take responsibility for our views and we do not believe that free speech can extend to those who incite hate speech, hate crime and discrimination. 

Tommy Robinson has a long history of promoting fascist organisations to elevate his status and advance his divisive agenda. Union President, Abby Blakeborough, said: "We know that students in Barrow are outward looking and have highly negative views of racism and fascism, however disliking these views and retweeting some videos is not enough. That is why we are inviting all of our members to join us on Thursday evening to protest the arrival of Robinson and encourage as many young people as possible to use their vote against Robinson in the European Parliament elections.  Young voters will be crucial in stopping Robinson from becoming a Member of European Parliament."

Students are invited to join the Unite Against Fascism protest during the evening of Thursday 16th May. Respond Going to our Facebook event here for more details and updates. 

European Parliament elections take place on Thursday 23rd May 2019. 

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